The Office Wife (1930)

Film Review


Release Date: 23 August, 1930

Studio: Warner Bros.

Director: Lloyd Bacon

Starring: Dorothy Mackaill, Lewis Stone, Veree Teasdale


Newlywed Stone spends more time with his secretary (Mackail) than he does with his wife (Teasdale). Mackaill loves Stone, but, after his marriage, becomes engaged to her boorish newspaper boyfriend. Teasdale, neglected by Stone, falls in love with another man. Teasdale and Stone, realizing that they are no longer in love, agree to an amicable divorce. Mackail breaks off from the newspaperman and unites with Stone.


The lives of young, attractive secretaries who labor in big city skyscrapers were common film subjects in the early years of the Depression, for example Big Business Girl (1931), Skyscraper Souls (1932), and Employees’ Entrance (1933). The plot usually centers on the love life of the heroine as she copes with propositions from her rich boss and poor boyfriend. At the conclusion of the plot, the heroine either unites with her boss and rejects an unworthy boyfriend (The Office Wife), or holds off the lecherous, but tempting, boss and unites with the poor, but worthy, boyfriend (Skyscraper Souls, 1932).