Sabrina (1954)

Film Review


Release Date: 9 September, 1954

Studio: Paramount

Director: Billy Wilder

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hephurn, William Holden

Special Note

This film was viewed at the TCM Classic Film Festival, 2012. The film was shown as part of the Essential Films theme. Costume designer Janie Bryant (Deadwood, Mad Men) was the guest speaker.


Hepburn, the innocent daughter of a chauffer, is enamored with the playboy younger son (Holden) of her father's employer. Holden, however, regards her as a child. The older son (Bogart) is a stuffy businessman who pays no attention to her. After high school graduation Hepburn attends cooking school in Paris. Holden is greatly attracted to the beautiful and sophisticated young woman who returns from Paris. He is engaged to the daughter of a business associate, and his attraction threatens to interfere with the business merger linked to the marriage. Older brother Bogart drops some of his stuffiness and attempts to redirect Hepburn's attention to himself. The result is intense mutual attraction. In the end the brothers shift roles, and Bogart sails to Paris with Hepburn.


Films shown in the Essentials category at the festival are meant to demonstrate filmmaking at its highest level and films that have enduring value. With a major director and three essential stars, this clever and amusing film typifies the theme. Hepburn's post-Parisian persona features a sophisticated wardrobe designed by Givenchy. Her gown from the party scene was exhibited at Club TCM.