Rubber Tires (1927)

Film Review


Release Date: 7 February, 1927

Studio: Producers Distributing Corporation

Directors: Alan Hale, Sr.

Starring: Bessie Love, Harrison Ford, May Robson


Love's family buys an old touring car that they intend to drive from New York City to Newhall, California. Ford, Love’s boyfriend, follows them in his own car. Along the way they stop at auto courts, suffer flat tires, got stuck in the mud, and are robbed. After trading the touring car for a closed sedan, they learn that the manufacturer of the touring car is offering a substantial reward for it. They eventually get the car back, claim the money, and reach their home in California.


This mild comedy contains several dull stretches. Among the actors, only the cute and lively Bessie Love supplies much comic appeal. Alan Hale, best known as an actor, directed seven films between 1925 and 1927. This tedious and slow-paced film demonstrates that Hale was wise to concentrate on acting rather than directing. The film was made by the DeMille Pictures Corporation, a production company set up by Cecil B. DeMille. The corporation, DeMille’s short-lived attempt at independent production, produced 56 films between 1925 and 1929. Midnight Madness (1928), discussed in the March journal, was also a product of the DeMille Corp.