Love In The Rough (1930)

Film Review


Release Date: 6 September, 1930

Studio: MGM

Director: Charles Reisner

Starring: Robert Montgomery, Dorothy Jordan


Mr. Waters, owner of a large department store, wants to win the golf tournament at his club. His property clerk, Jack Kelly, is the municipal champion. Waters gets the clerk a room at his club, and expects Jack to help him in the tourney. The rich guests at the golf club think that Kelly is the president of a ship line. He meets and falls in love with Marilyn, an heiress. She does not know that he is only a clerk, and he does not tell her about himself until after the wedding. She does not care, but she is concerned about the response of her father. Fortunately, her father is an avid golfer and is happy to learn that his new son-in-law is a champion at the game.


This amusing early talkie showcases Robert Montgomery's flair and charm. This film was his eleventh overall, and the sixth he made in 1930. He was gaining experience rapidly during his first few years in movies. Musicals were popular in 1930, and this comedy has a couple of songs. Montgomery and Jordan attractively sing Go Home and Tell Your Mother. Jordan's dancing, however, is rather slow and heavy-footed. The setting is beautiful; the golf course overlooks the Norco, CA, area with another attractive golf course, a large clubhouse across a lake, and mountains in the distance.