Actor Biography


Born: 1885, Garrett, IN

Died: 1936, Santa Monica, CA

Notable Films: The Sky Pilot (1921)

According to his listing in Silent Film Necrology, John Bowers was born in Garrett, Indiana on Dec 27, 1894 and died Nov 15, 1936 in Malibu, California. The references differ about date of birth, some state 1885, others 1899. Although he appeared in more than 90 films, he is now known mostly for the manner of his death.

His first appearances were in 1914, at the beginning of feature film production, and he was continuously active, most frequently as star or co-star, until the end of the silent era. He made only four talkies, all in minor roles. By 1936 he was divorced from actress Marguerite De la Motte, had been out of films for five years, and was (reportedly) an alcoholic.

On the day of his death, he rented a boat in Santa Monica and sailed into the Pacific Ocean. The next day his body came ashore on a Malibu beach. He probably committed suicide.