Actor Biography


Born: 1900, Port Huron, MI

Died: 1988, Paso Robles, CA

Notable Films: The Sky Pilot (1921)

Colleen Moore was born in Port Huron, Michigan Aug 19, 1900. From an early age she was interested in an acting career. She obtained her first film roles at age 17 and had four years of experience when she made The Sky Pilot in 1921.

During the twenties she was the epitome of the Jazz-age flapper and one of the most popular stars in movies. At the transition to talking pictures, her inability to adjust to changing public tastes led to the decline of her career. She appeared in only six talkies and was retired by age 34.

After two divorces, she made a happy marriage in 1937 and moved from Hollywood to Chicago. She was a successful business woman and wrote a book about investing for women. She was creative and loved miniature dollhouses and castles. She built and exhibited a complex and ornate "Fairy Castle" now at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. After the death of her third husband and her marriage to a fourth, she returned to California. She lived near King Vidor in Paso Robles where she died January 25, 1988.